Case Study: Fit Republic

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Fit Republic

Fit Republic has over 50 gyms in California and Washington state. As they’ve grown, the need to evolve their brand to a sleeker, more consistent aesthetic became apparent. Final Cut Media developed a clearly defined tone of voice and took the brand from the mindset of fitting in with competitors, to one that proudly stands apart. Fit Republic focuses on community and camaraderie while being well-founded to the science behind fitness.

Updated mark for Fit Republic.

Updated mark for Fit Republic.


New branding website for Fit Republic.
Launch Site:


fit republic

Social Content

As a part of updated branding, a social content library was developed to both maintain contact with their audience and to raise awareness of and brand special offers and promotions.


Fit Republic


Another component of the Fit Republic rebrand involved updating and focusing the messaging in their gyms, on their website, and in print materials. Their brand message became “Find Your State” – which sums up their philosophy that every member has different and unique goals or “states” that they’re striving for. Fit Republic helps members get there.